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We approach medical cannabis from a holistic perspective. We are health agents.

Green Nurse Health Care es un proyecto compuesto  por un equipo multidisciplinar que está en constante comunicación . Este proyecto es la respuesta a todas esas personas que están usando cannabis con fines terapéuticos o que quieren utilizarlo y necesitan información, asesoramiento y acompañamiento de profesionales. 

Green Nurse Health Care was born to help How? Working to reduce the risks associated with the consumption of cannabis, as well as to optimize its therapeutic use, with the sole purpose of improving the quality of life of the users of this plant. We always draw on all the existing scientific evidence and promote research around this plant.

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Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Values

Our Mission

Promover la salud, trabajar en la prevención primaria, secundaria y terciaria,  y sobre todo  mejorar la calidad de vida de las personas que acuden a nosotros por cuestiones relacionadas con el cannabis medicinal.

Our Vision

We want to be a scientific society specialized in Medicinal Cannabis and Health, in order to organize, sponsor and promote scientific activities in relation to both items. Our main objective is to promote knowledge and progress in this science and to sensitize the scientific and medical community about the importance of acquiring knowledge about medicinal cannabis and its effectiveness in improving the symptoms of some pathologies.

Furthermore, we aim to work cooperatively with health outreach and education programs, and most importantly, to be recognized by patients, health professionals and institutions for our outstanding service and as a benchmark in Medical Cannabis Health. as benchmarks in terms of medical cannabis and health. We want to be recognized for our excellent service. 

Our Values

Above all, we as a company prioritize humanity, professional ethics, professional competence, and a commitment to society, equity and sustainability. sostenibilidad, son nuestros principales valores como empresa.


The team

Green Nurse HC is a project composed entirely of socio-health professionals

What are the therapeutic purposes of cannabis?

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